The aim of this website is to encourage the public to question deeply entrenched assumptions regarding the necessity, safety, efficacy and historical record of vaccination through the views of professionals whose concerns and criticisms are rarely heard in the mass media. This includes some startling admissions from key figures in vaccine development and public policy including: Dr. Jonas Salk, Dr. Albert Sabin, Dr Maurice Hilleman and Dr. J. Anthony Morris. Quotes are divided into broad catagories (a few repeating) and again, subdivided to offer a sampling of views on various aspects of the subject at hand. While a sampling of scientific studies are also cited, (usually in italics except for intros/insertions) the material presented at Vaccines Uncensored is but the tip of the needle. Those wishing to explore this critical issue with greater depth and scrutiny are encouraged to read, "Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners" by Neil Miller which cites over one thousand studies, and to visit the websites listed in the rights and resource section.

F.Y.I. and Disclaimer: Before You Start

Before you begin to explore 'Vaccines Uncensored', please note the following:

Disclaimer: The content of 'Vaccines Uncensored' is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as providing medical advice. The decision whether or not to vaccinate is a personal one that should be individually formulated based on due research, consultation and careful consideration. While the majority of those quoted at ‘Vaccines Uncensored' do not advocate the vaccine modality, individuals quoted here within may or may not endorse vaccination and may or may not endorse other views expressed here within.

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